How to Spot a Rich Man

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How to Spot a Rich Man

How to spot a rich man is a hot topic nowadays. And we find only a few girls have the ability to really know if someone they are dating are rich. The difficulty is that they’re so well hidden among the fakes who try to fool you into thinking they're rich. As some women users have learned how to find a rich man on this rich dating site, but they also have some worries if the man is rich or fake. How do you know if someone is truly wealthy, or if they’ve just spent all of their inheritance on a flashy Lamborghini?

This article is a little long. But trust me, your harvest worths your time. After reading it, you can also have ideas on how to tell if someone is rich or how to spot a rich person.

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Look at his society.

Facebook or twitter guys give some simple words on how to spot a rich man: look at his house, the car, the watch, the purse, and you can tell if he’s really rich. But we’d love to refute this rediculous old mind set witha true story. A 40-year-old man names Charly (also an alias) frauded with more than 20 million dollars with his splended appearance and life. He rented a Bentley sedan, wearing a Vacheron Constantin Watch, registered capital of 100 million shell company with only thousands of dollars and secure 6 college life to be his assistants. If you identify a rich man with his cars, apeanrance and his assistants, you would lose both life and finance.

A lier has the ability to fake himself with splended life, but it is unlikely to optimize his society. Entrepreneurs are drawn to other entrepreneurs. They enjoy rubbing shoulders with like minded people. In order to judge if someone ii rich, one of the most imporytant things is to see whom he deals with and whom he is surrounded by.

A rich man probabely has a good education.

Of course there are some exceptions, but a good education is often a good indicator of wealth. Rich men usually have high EQ, which makes him inconciously care for relationships with even strangers. You both get more attention during interaction. The richer people are, the more they know their weakness. So it is confortable to deal with rich people.

If a man went to a prestigious college/university, got a good grade and now works for a reputable business, you can be pretty sure that he’s on a good salary. If he’s older and he’s been in the same field for over a decade, you can be even more confident that he commands a solid wage. This is a good tip though, because if he has a good education but he hasn’t quite got the experience yet, he could well be wealthy in the future!

Listen to his phone.

Time is everything in the eayes of the rich. So they will make full use of their time to handle official business. Listening to his phone has become a new lesson on how to spot a rich man. If a person is in a meeting with you, the phone keeps going. From the start to the end, he is talking about “finance”, “project”, “profit”, “cost”, “help me to book airline ticket”, “dinner party, “the media meets”, “whoever participated” and the like. Study by HBS, how to interject in a meeting, shows a detail: when successful men pick up the phones, they usually chooses to get up, or go aside to answer the phone.

Oppositely, If you spend few hours with a rich man (at least you believe he is) whose phone doesn’t ring once, or most phones meetings talk about dinner tonight, proves that the person in his circle is not particularly important.

A rich man doesn’t shout about their wealth.

If you look into meeting rich men, be careful of those. Usually, you’re at an event and there’s a guy wearing a Rolex, a sharp suit and bragging about an expensive trip then the chances are he’s probably not that wealthy. These people do everything in their power to give people the impression that they have lots of money, but ultimately it’s often all an act. If they’re truly wealthy, you’ll often find them wearing smart, well fitting clothes. These clothes are often without designer labels because if you’re extremely wealthy, you don’t need a badge or logo to prove this to anyone.

A rich man doesn’t talk about his position.

If you’re used to spending lots of money on expensive possessions, it is no longer notable and therefore will never be a conversation topic. When you’re a rich man, spending money becomes standard procedure. Someone who’s pretending to be rich might bankrupt themselves buying a diamond watch to try and impress everyone, whereas a truly wealthy man might have a classy watch without diamonds that could still cost five figures. The difference is that the wealthy man doesn’t feel the need to catch your eye. They’re self assured and buy possessions based on their tastes, not based on what they think your tastes are.

Rich men won’t care if you’ve ever heard of them.

A rich man won’t sit there and brag about their compliments or be surprised if you don’t recognise their name. They have nothing to gain from making sure you know their name because they already have all the money and everything they need. Someone who’s pretending to be wealthy might get out their business cards to show off who they are and their fancy job title. A man who’s truly wealthy is more likely to ask you about what you do for a living and about your family.

He’ll own property.

A good way to tell if he has money is to get him talking about property ownership. Although this doesn’t guarantee that he is worth megabucks, it is at least a sign that he isn’t broke. Start the conversation by complaining about your landlord or mortgage, and then ask him if he has the same issues. That way you can find out if he relates. If you have a landlord and you know you’re looking for a homeowner to save you that rent, you’ll know if this is the guy you’re looking for.

It’s quite easy to tell if a man is genuinely wealthy for the observant of us. Just don’t get distracted by the idiot shouting about his flashy car and expensive suit, because you can be certain his credit card bill is astronomical. If you look past these facades and look for the quieter, you’ll find more sophisticated gentlemen. Thus you could figure out how to spot a rich man in no time.

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